The beginning of Sanitie…….

It all started as a bit of fun and dreaming in Leanne's front room. We contemplated the possibilities of where we could go next with our spiritual journeys. As we are both attuned to the Reiki Energy we wanted to use it to help and make others lives that little bit more relaxed and calmer. Allowing them to focus on themselves and allow their body to use it’s own natural healing powers. This could be to help manage, anxieties, weight management, addictions and digestive problems to name a few.

Lotus2 plain.png
Lotus2 plain.png

We needed a brand that screamed exactly what we are trying to accomplish, and we come up with Sanitie. Keeping our minds SANE. One of our first ideas behind our brand, make Sanitie a lifestyle, a way of living, just like doing a yoga class or going to the gym so this is where we came up with our Relaxercise classes.


Relaxercise Classes...

Our 1st idea of many, to build our dream business. Weekly classes to help people relax, unwind and just let go of all the stresses and strain of daily life. A class, that as tired and stressed parents ourselves, we could benefit from too. The classes combine Relaxation and Reiki.


Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect. It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Our classes are designed around a 7 week programme, the programme aims to relax, balance and restore each Chakra over the 7 weeks. Starting at our Root and working our way up through the other Chakras.


We use our product line in each class to aid the healing process. Each products has been hand selected to complement the healing process of each individual Chakra. So for Week 1 'Root' we will use the Root Tea, the Root Essential Oil and Root Crystal in the class.


Loose Herbal Teas…..

We sat for weeks on end, day and night trawling through different herbs and researching the benefits of them. We needed to decide what herbs we could have in each blend to assist with the balancing of each chakra.

Once we got the blends together, we then trialled each blend and completed case studies with our lovely volunteers.

Our research found that when trialling our teas our volunteers found significant benefits including, relaxing the mind, helping reduce anxieties, weight management and improving digestion to name a few.

Essential oils...

We then decided to incorporate 7 oil blends, to aid the balancing of our chakras, as we know that essential oils all have their own vibrational signature.

It is said that chakra energies shift back into alignment when specifically selected essential oils are placed or used for unbalanced chakra areas.

We also made sure that all our blends included lavender as the health benefits of lavender fit in with our brand brilliantly, helping to induce relaxation

Not forgetting the Crystals….

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Our Sanitie Crystal Sets consist of naturally raw crystals as beautiful and powerful as nature intended. Specifically picked for our Sanitie programme to help balance and align each of your chakras. Each Crystal is said to give great assistance when charged and cleansed to aid in healing and many more wonderful additional benefits. Each Crystal corresponds with each colour of our chakras and is known to benefit the individual chakra area. Just having the Crystal around you can help in many ways.

We make sure each crystal is cleansed and charged specifically for the recipient.


By incorporating the classes with our product line we have created a new concept, giving people that ‘Me’ time they need. To Relax, Balance and Restore the mind, body and soul.