August 2019 has ended and so have the holidays 😢😊

We're both happy and sad about this as all you parents probably are too, the 6 week school holidays can be a whole range of mixed emotions trying to be mum/dad but still work also, not knowing what to do to entertain the kids from day to day, and then when you do have plans and your making memories you dont want them to end. Then you get those days when your stuck in and feel like you've got cabin fever where you've had no plans for days, the kids are bored and keep arguing between each other and you feel like your possibly going insane. Then the guilt kicks in, and you stop to think of things like counting down the years until your little ones leave school and the school holidays will be a thing of the past, or how lucky you are to be a parent and actually have the school holidays to enjoy with your kids.

It's okay to feel these mixed emotions though and to realise that all of us "well almost everyone I talk to anyway" has these exact feelings around the end of the holidays.

We've got big milestones in our household in September, our biggest baby girl is beginning secondary school and the littlest baby girl is beginning nursery 😢 so I'm making the most of the next few days before the big changes 😰.


Our Sanitie classes 🙉, you know how much both Leanne and I have been looking forward to these. There is just over a week to go until the very 1st class, so you can imagine how busy our week next weeks going to be, which will make the transition and changes of kids going back to school that little bit easier.

How have your holidays gone? How do you feel about the kids going back? Do you get that guilt that floods over many of us?

Dm us or write in the comments below we'd love to hear from you.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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