Chilled loose herbal tea 🥃

More events this week and many more of you trialling our high grade loose herbal tea. Our teas were all chilled at this week's events, really refreshing thirst quenching drinks to give you the hydration you need on hot days. All of our teas can be used hot or cold what ever the weather and however you fancy.

One of our teas that people were amazed by the taste was our green teas, they have an amazing fruity taste which COMPLIMENTS the green tea and brings a new twist, allowing us to enjoy the taste whilst receiving the fantastic benefits of what green tea has to offer.


One of our events this week was with a psychic events team where we both got to have amazing readings by Torinicity and Kevin who are fantastic psychic mediums and we would recommend to anyone wanting guidance, reassurance or just a reading that is accurate.

Both Leanne and I were given exactly that and are looking forward to what the next few years have in store for us, it's going to be a very exciting time ahead, and we can't wait to see what's behind all of those doors.

Book online at

You can now book online for our Sanitie Classes beginning on Monday 9th September.

Book on before 31st July to get the discounted rate of £70, you can pay in instalments up until the classes begin to give you time to pay.

Spaces are limited so if it's something your interested in doing don't miss this amazing offer.

We are really looking forward to these classes ourselves and know that you are going to absolutely love them 😊.

Best wishes all of you,

Leanne & Billie xx

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