Happy new year 🎆

2019 was the beginning of Sanitie and now we're into 2020 and entering into the 2nd year of our business. We've got lots of exciting plans for the next year ahead of us.

December was a hectic month for both of us but behind the scenes we've been busy busy with home life, work life, family life and obviously preparing for Christmas🎄.

We hope you've all had a great Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to what 2020 has in store 😊.

January a time to set ourselves goals, take some time out after all the craziness of Christmas and get back to the day jobs. January can be a time where the blues kick in so stay positive and look forward to the year ahead, look forward to that nice holiday or maybe a summer time family gathering I'm sure theres something we've all got to look forward to. Take time to relax as I'm sure December was as busy for you as it was for us.

Relaxtion doesn't only benefit our mind but also our body, think of relaxing like taking time to exercise, exercise the mind by allowing it to relax so that it can take in more over the next year. We like to call this RELAXERCISE 💆‍♀️😉.

Well here is to 2020 🥂 it has got off to an amazing start already, we've said all along that 2020 is gonna be our year and it kicked of with winning the kissfm comp, we was the first of their payday comp to win £2,020 'if your into numerology the synchronicity is mind blowing.' Well thank you kissfm you've officially made our January amazing and my ironing session the most enjoyable set of ironing I have ever done, I'll always have great memories of doing my ironing forever now🤣. You know they saying it never happens to people like me well it does. 😉.

This is just the beginning we can't wait to see what else 2020 throws our way. Remember we attract what we think make 2020 the year of positive thinking.

Best wishes

Leanne & Billie xx

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