It's been a busy one💤

All back to normality now kids back to school and loads for me and Leanne to catch up on after all our holidays. With our classes launching this Monday the 9th, we've had loads to organise. All our equipments come and we're ready to go😁.

☆We've got mats for you to lay on through out the class.

☆We've got blankets so you can relax, keep warm and get yourselves really comfortable.

☆We've got pillows so you can relax your head back and really unwind in comfort.

☆ And we've got eye masks so you can go into that deeper relaxation.

Come along, have a taster session with us. If you dont want to commit to paying the whole £90 just book on for 1 class, who doesnt love a bit of me time.

We look forward to telling you all about the class and how it went next week.

Best wishes

Leanne & Billie xx

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