It's been a while🖐

Sorry haven't updated you all for a while, with the kids finishing school for the 6 weeks the first few for us have been busy busy. Having 3 kids each to entertain they are definatly keeping us on our toes, along side both of being busy with work aswell. I've had a lovely break in between with mine for a week and to make it even better the weather has been fantastic, and now Leanne is of to enjoy some well deserved family time with her lot and enjoy lots of sun shine too.

We got together this week for another one of our Free distance healing sessions, which I hope the ones that asked to recieve enjoyed and have benefited from. Distance healing is a great way to enjoy the benefits of reiki healing, without being present. It's amazing how you can tune into a physical person with out them even being there, ' the wonderful magic of reiki '.

Only a month to go until our Brand new classes begin. Were so excited about these and hope that you all come and join us and enjoy them as much as were going to. We are just getting all the last pieces together to make the evening as relaxing and comfortable as possible for you who joins us... THIS IS A CLASS YOU DONT WANT TO MISS.

Well, have fun through out the school holidays make lots of memories and find lots of time to RELAX...

Best wishes all of you

Leanne & Billie xx

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