Lockdown 🔓🔒

It's been a strange few weeks in the world and we're still none the wiser of how much longer this is going to go on for. Challenging..out of the ordinary..emotional..stressful..enjoyable..pleasant..relaxing... How has lockdown been for you ?

Have you enjoyed it or has it been a difficult time for you?

Has it motivated you or de-motivated you?

Have you found it relaxing or stressful?

Have you found the time to reflect and use this time to your advantage or has it thrown you off path?

I know personally it's been very mixed which is probably why there has been no updates on our blog for a while. For me it's been mixed, enjoyable on one hand, as we've had lots more time together as a family, but then also stressful because we are always under eachothers feet. In the last few weeks only having an hour a day to get out into the fresh air has been restrictive. It's lovely to take the kids for nice long walks but at the same time an hour out in the fresh air, enjoying some me time, could also be really nice too 🤣, but now things are begin to be eased and were aloud a bit more freedom there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

I am grateful for what we have around us, that we are lucky to have stayed healthy and we have been given this time together. However the emotional side of the lockdown has been like a rollercoaster I have felt every single emotion 😁😂😊🤔🤐🤨🙄😌😔😪😴😷😎😟☹😰😢😭😱😫🤬.

Some days have been great and I have managed to stay motivated and on track, and other days I have felt really demotivated. On the positive side of things we have managed to finish alot of the jobs around the house that needed doing.

However I have not been able to work on as my day job as a hairdresser and also we have not been able to move forward with Sanitie.

Leanne on the other hand has not stopped and has been extremely busy being an accountant as her main job, well...you can imagine how busy her lifes been aswell as being thrown a new job title her children's teacher 👩‍🏫.

Homeschooling has been challenging, having to teach all the subjects without anytime to prepare ourselves 🙈. I take my hat off to teachers I'm struggling with 3 let alone 30 kids in a class 🤦‍♀️.

School wasn't something that was at the top of my list whilst I was there. Now having to try and help my kids with school work is the biggest headache ever, especially when it comes to maths which is not one of my strongest subjects 😆. To try and get the kids to concentrate can be like getting blood out of a stone some days (especially the middle one). Believe me a glass or 5 of wine 🍷 at the end of the teaching day is well deserved. I'll be forever grateful of teachers once things are back to normal.

So what are you looking forward to once lockdown is eased back to some sort of normality?

I know I can't wait to get some Sanitie back in my life get some classes going again putting my mindset back where it was, seeing family and friends going out enjoying life to the full and being grateful for the normallness of life before covid-19 disrupted 'our normal' for us all.

We hope your all doing okay and are coping, and remember that theres always someone out there to reach out to. Don't ever feel alone or that there's no one there to talk to because if you actually reach out you'll be surprised at how many people actually are 👬👭👫, and for every single Key Worker out their thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work through this challenging time.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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