Of out to our very 1st class👭

We had a great launch night for our very 1st Sanitie class on Monday. Everyone enjoyed the evening and we got some amazing reviews. Were so glad all that come enjoyed it so much and are looking forward to week 2 this Monday, we cant wait to begin week 2 working on the Sacral chakra with you all.

We begun the evening with talking about what area we was working on this week which was the Root chakra. Our Root chakra essential oil was diffusing through the room so we explained what areas it's good for and what blends were put together. We then made sure everyone was comfortable with there choice of either a chair or mat and gave everyone the choice of using the blankets and eye masks to help that relaxation process a little bit more enjoyable. We then began a meditation to guide everyone into a deep relaxed state and then started sending out reiki healing to all that attended. Once we finished sending out the distance healing we performed some hands on healing on each individual, we finished with a closing meditation to bring everyone back in and finished with a nice cup of our root tea to end the evening.

We were amazed by the response we had from all that attended and couldn't have been happier with the reviews we received.

Just one of our lovely reviews😁 this is exactly why we decided to build Sanitie.

If you would like more info on our classes do get in touch we'd love to see more of you enjoying these fantastic evenings with us.

Best wishes

Leanne & Billie xx

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