Our 1st competition winner 🏆

Last week we ran our first competition on our Facebook page to win one of our gorgeous chakra Crystal's and some distance reiki healing. Our lucky winner Gail won, our first ever giveaway👏👏👏👏,

Well done Gail.

Now on to another busy busy week of events to promote Sanitie which we cant wait to tell you all about in next weeks blog 😊.

We are into our 2nd week of our programme and we are loving it. Leanne and I both had a lovely relaxing reiki session in the week and have been enjoying our root tea mornings and evenings whilst diffusing our root oil through our homes making them smell amazing but also having amazing benefits to them.

Week 2

Sacral Tea 🍵

This weeks tea is a fruity one 🍇 with a blend of hibiscus, elderberries dried black currants and natural flavours, not only is this tea tasty but its healthy to.

Sacral essential oil🧴

This weeks essential oil is Sanitie Sacral Oil, a gorgeous blend of lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage and marjoram, the lavender in all our oils gives such a relaxed atmosphere. Its amazing what the smell and the essence of essential oils can do for you.

And our Sacral crystal..


A courageous crystal with a fabulous fiery colouring to it.

Want to be a hostess?

We are now up and running for you all to book your Sanitie parties, a nice little get together with a few friends to relax and enjoy an evening together. As the hostess you will receive freebies and exclusive discounts.

For more info on our parties and what they involve get in touch, either through our website, Facebook messenger or email.

Best wishes all,

Billie & Leanne

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