Our Ideas!!!!

Loose herbal tea, one of the things we could incorporate with making our classes a little bit more relaxing, as we all love a little cup of tea 🍵.

"Well most of us anyway."

To help us relax and unwind throughout the day. That 5 mins alot of us look forward to, to relax and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation and time out over a cuppa. So together Leanne and me put our heads together to come up with...

7 blends, to specifically aid in balancing each of our chakras.

Weeks of research...

We sat for weeks on end, day and night going through different herbs and the benefits of them, to decide what herbs we could have in each blend to assist with the balancing of each chakra. Once we got the blends together, we then trialled each and done case studies with our lovely volunteers.

Essential oils...

Something else to incorporate in Sanitie, also help with balancing our chakras, as we no that essential oils all have there own vibrational signature. Its said that chakra energies shift back into alignment when specifically selected essential oils are placed or used for unbalanced chakra areas.

A little extra loveliness to add to our classes and peoples daily lives.

More research...

And the research begin. Weeks of night and day researching...

What oils benefit each of our chakras?

What oils go with what?

What smells compliment each other? The amount of learning we done over the last 6 months was like being back at full time school😴, so much more to herbs and oils than we ever imagined, but so worth the research and the amount we learnt.

We look forward to filling you all in, with our next blog and what we got up to in the coming weeks, and how Sanitie began to grow. Follow us and get in touch if you have any questions.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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