Product launch week 😁🎉

It's been a hectic week running up to our launch, in between being mums, kids going back to school, working and of course getting prepared for our launch 😬. The deadline was really tight as we wanted to launch our products along with the first stall we were holding at an event to promote Sanitie.

This is what we've been building up to for the last 6 months getting our product line developed and out there!!!

The time has finally arrived, here we are and we can reveal to you all Sanitie has to offer.

Our Products....

Loose herbal Tea🍵

Essential oils...

Our first promotional stall...

We had a great night promoting Sanitie on Tuesday evening. We loved getting out there meeting all our customers and telling them all about what we are doing and the ideas and thoughts behind the business. We were amazed at how much people loved the concept of Sanitie and how much interest we got. Especially in the next step of the business...

Sanitie Classes

Classes to help you relax the mind and body while Leanne and I send out Reiki healing. It will be a 7 week programme to help our minds and bodies, relax balance and restore. By relaxing for an hour a week, taking time out of the day to concentrate on your own wellbeing, we want to help you to balance your 7 Chakras. We will also be offering our loose herbal teas, essential oils and crystal's to help benefit the programme. Each product has been picked to compliment the balancing of the Chakras.

Now on to another busy week of growing Sanitie and finalising the finer details for our classes that will be launched in the very near future.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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