Our Sanitie classes are now availble to book on to at our Elstree Venue 👏. We are so excited about these classes the first of many. Come along and RELAXERCISE with us, a Brand New class, a New sense of wellbeing, rather than focusing on our physical body with exercise we are focusing on our inner self with RELAXERCISE.

We are so excited just writing this blog as we cant wait to get started😁. The class will begin with us getting you all into deep relaxation, training our brains that we need this time to relax, balance and restore ourselves. "We're making it a priority in our lives to have this hour, at least once a week to help our mindset, and we want to role this out to all of you to". NO PHONES📵, NO TECHNOLOGY 💻 Just time to....


We will then be sending out Reiki healing throughout the class with a little bit of hands on, "only if you want hands on though", if not you can just benefit from the distance healing we will be sending throughout the class.

Throughout the 7 Week programme we will be working through our chakras starting with week one being our Root chakra for grounding. Each week we will be introducing our essential oil blend for that week, " having the aromas of that specific blend of oils, " flowing around the room to help with inducing relaxation", each oil blend also is known to give so many more benefits that we can all take advantage of. At the end of our class we can all enjoy a nice cup of our delicious herbal tea for the chakra area we are working on and just take that time to bring ourselves back, and ready for the week ahead of us.

Come and RELAXERCISE with us,

You no what it's like, if we say were gonna do it we never do🙈.

Let's do this together, make time out for ourselves a PRIORITY in all of our lives. Get in touch for more details or to book on.

Best wishes Leanne & Billie xx

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