Dates and times finalised for our 1st 7 Week Sanitie Programme....

Lots of exciting planning this week as we looked at venues and possible places to hold our first 7 week programme. We were lucky to find the perfect venue that has a calming relaxing space that we both got drawn to, we cant wait to get our first classes started 🌝. Whoever thought a job could be something so rewarding, we are really looking forward to bringing these classes to you, this is going to be as joyful for us as it will be for YOU 😉.


We've had some gorgeous pieces of stock arrive this week. Beautiful diffuser necklaces and stone oil burners, a little something for you and a little something for your home 💛.

Diffuser necklaces that compliment any outfit, with 10 different colour discs to add your chosen essential oil to. Reap the benefits and aromas from them all day long.

And these stunning sand stone oil burners to add that little touch to any room. Not only do they look elegant, when combined with one of our essential oils they will bring a calming vibe to any home.

Week 5 of our 7 week programme

The Throat chakra...

So for helping balance and align the throat we have our Throat tea......

Now this ones one of our favs, we call it our 'Willy Wonka Tea', you'll understand why when you taste it 😉. By using the ingredients of having liquorice and tumeric in it you would expect for it to taste very different to what it does, once you take a sip it takes a second to actually get the taste then you get an explosion of a smooth sweet taste. Its gorgeous , love this one.

Then we have out throat essential oil. Now if you have any sinus or nasal issues this one will be sure to help clear your airways. A few drops of this in your oil burner and you'll be breathing easy in no time.

And finally our throat crystal.

Amazonite, a great stone to have to support with alcoholism or addictions, helps calm the soul and facilitate personal growth.

We really appreciate all our followers and taking their time to have a read and catch up with us on our journey. We have added a member section to our website so please join up.

Until next week you lovely lot 😘👋.

Leanne & Billie xx

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