Thanks for having us Costa👍...

An exciting start to the week for us with having the privilege of being asked by Costa head office to come along and hold a stall at their wellbeing event. We got to meet lots of lovely staff that work their and show them our amazing product line in person.

Mental health awareness week...

With last week being mental health awareness week. We thought what better way to show what were about than go along to lots of wellness events to help people understand how much they can help their own mental health. Another event we went to was Bounce in Dunstable. After the girls had a really energetic bounce session on their trampolines we were there to bring them back down to a calm state with some relaxation and reiki therapies. A great way to end a great bounce session.

3rd week of our 7 week programme...

This week were working on our Solar plexus. We've got our relaxing luxury Egyptian camomile and peppermint tea, a smooth calming blend.

Our solar plexus essential oil...

A fruity aroma with a hint of lavender to help with relaxation. Makes your home smell amazing aswell as the added benefits you get from the essential oils.

And finally our gorgeous pieces of citrine...

Such a beautiful piece full with powerful positive energy, which is said to help cleanse and rejuvenate your spirit. Acts as a protective shield against negative energies.

Thanks for keeping up to date and following us on this wonderful journey, look forward to filling you all in next week. Until then just remember our Mental health is just as important as our Physical health.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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