Week 4 the Heart Chakra!!!💚

We are at week 4 of our Sanitie programme, we are delighted to have had some join for the whole 7 weeks and others using our drop-in option.

The classes are doing more for people than we could have ever imagined.

This review is exactly why we put our Sanitie programme together, and its make all the hard work we've put in so worth it 😊.

Green Tea 🍵

This was our Tea for this week Green tea with strawberry and papaya, and we must say our Green Tea's are the tastiest green teas we've ever tasted, you've got all the benefits with a delicious fruity taste added to it.


We spoke a lot about grounding at the end of our class this week and how grounding is so important and all the different ways you can ground yourself. Being grounded means you have stability, security, and control over your life. Its a practice that connects your body to the earth and brings physical and emotional balance and strength. When you learn how to ground yourself, you become present. If you begin to disconnect, you may have physical signs such as dizziness, shakiness, a pounding heart, or maybe feel dazed, forgetful or excessively day dream. Make a point to regularly being aware of these signs so you can ground yourself sooner.

Some of the ways we can ground ourselves are...

☆ Spending time in the outdoors - (even better if you can walk barefoot)

☆ Have plants around you (especially whilst gardening)

☆ Enjoy a salt bath

☆ Use grounding Crystal's & have them close to you


Thanks for keeping up to date with our blog and we look forward to updating you with our next one.

Best wishes

Leanne & Billie xx

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