Wow what a week...

Relaxation is what was needed towards the end of this week. Our product launch was successful and the hard work we've put in the last 6 months started showing 😴. Luckily we are all refreshed after a lovely relaxing bank holiday weekend and ready to start again. We have started this week getting prepared for our next events and setting the plans for getting our Sanitie classes up and running. So alot to do in the next few weeks which is why Leanne and I have decided to do our 7 week programme ourselves this week to help relax, balance and restore ourselves.

Week 1:

We will be using our Root essential oil everyday for 7 days. Diffusing it in diffusers around the house, maybe put a few drops in the bath while we relax, the aromas flowing through our homes will also benefit the rest of the family aswell, as its known that essential oils have their own vibrational signature and when specifically selected essential oils are placed or used for inbalanced chakras they help chakra energies shift back into alignment.

Root Tea...

Our crown tea which while doing our case studies found had better results when having one in the morning and one in the evening. A warm chocolatey taste "we called it our hug in a mug 🤗" and with great benefits that are held in every cup, we cant wait to start our programme of with this one. And finally our crystal for week 1...

Red Calcite...

Red calcite the root of our chakra crystal sets. Those natural Raw crystals full of amazing energies to add to all the other little lovelies we have set out for our programme to help enhance the whole process of balancing our chakras, along with a nice relaxing Reiki session for both of us during the week to relax, balance and restore ourselves.

Keep up to date with our blog and follow our 7 week programme with us and see if it's something youd like to experience with us on our next one 😊.

Best wishes

Billie & Leanne xx

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